Welcome to Fox Trail in Paramus, NJ

Exceptional Boutique- Style Memory Support

Paramus Senior Living

You and your loved ones are always welcome at Fox Trail in Paramus. Our welcoming and comfortable community is ideal for residents with a wide range of needs, capabilities, and lifestyles.

We offer a wealth of safe and engaging services and amenities to help memory support and respite care residents truly feel at home. Contact us to learn more about life at Fox Trail in Paramus.

Memory Support

Getting older can bring cognitive challenges and memory problems, which necessitates extra support for the activities of daily living. At Fox Trail in Paramus, we offer specialized memory care support, including safe and engaging activities for residents with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other dementias.

Our environment is also designed to be safe and easy to use. You’ll find well-lit public spaces and cozy, accessible living quarters with helpful staff available at all times.

Setting New Standards


We create custom programs for each memory support resident to better their quality of life. With the struggles of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s in mind, we aim to engage our whole community.


Our services help make life in our community accessible and relaxing for everyone in our care. We also plan activities and other experiences to promote health and happiness.


Our dining experience is just that – an open-kitchen concept that allows our residents to savor the memories of preparing home-cooked meals. Our staff takes great pride in shopping for fresh ingredients, seasonal choices, and concentrating on resident favorites.

Our Contact Information


  • 143 N Farview Ave
  • Paramus, NJ 07626


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