Respite Care at Fox Trail in Paramus

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Short Stays With Big Benefits

Respite care lets your loved one experience the full range of our hospitality temporarily. This option allows people to get a glimpse of life at Fox Trail in Paramus, receive extra post-operative supervision if necessary, and give you rest to recharge from caregiver fatigue.

No matter why you’re interested in respite care, our team can help. Learn more about respite care in our community by contacting us today and scheduling a visit.

Why Choose Respite Care?

Leaving a Medical Facility

Someone recovering from surgery or a hospital stay may still require supervision after the attending doctor has discharged them. In respite care, your loved one benefits from the attention of our experienced team so that they can regain their strength in a supportive environment.

Your career, travel plans, and commitments to other family members can all make caring for a senior with unique needs difficult. Staying for a short time in respite care ensures that they will be well taken care of while you meet your other obligations, giving you a chance to revive your commitment to their care.

Respite care is an excellent way for seniors to experience our community’s hospitality firsthand before moving in for memory care. When they see the positive environment full of enthusiastic staff, the transition into full-time senior living may be a little easier.

Discover the Full Benefits of Respite Care

Learn more about how our respite care program can support you and your loved one when you need it most. Contact us and schedule a tour today.

Setting New Standards


We create custom programs for each memory support resident to better their quality of life. With the struggles of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s in mind, we aim to engage our whole community.


Our services help make life in our community accessible and relaxing for everyone in our care. We also plan activities and other experiences to promote health and happiness.


Our dining experience is just that – an open-kitchen concept that allows our residents to savor the memories of preparing home-cooked meals. Our staff takes great pride in shopping for fresh ingredients, seasonal choices, and concentrating on resident favorites.

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  • 143 N Farview Ave
  • Paramus, NJ 07626


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